The Great Lot Sportsman's Club Corp.
4277 Osceola Road, West Leyden, NY 13489
Map/Directions Website Email (315) 378-7592

The Great Lot Sportsman's Club is a 501(C)3 organization located in upstate New York. The club was founded in 1993 and is located on 540 acres in Lewis County in the Town of Lewis just off the Osceola Road.

The Great Lot Sportsman's Club uses its property exclusively for the moral and mental improvement of men, women and children. The purposes for which the Great Lot Sportsman's Club was organized are:

  • To promote and encourage laws for the protection of forests, and fish and game life in the state of New York.
  • To promote and encourage the propagation of fish and game in the County of Lewis and elsewhere.
  • To encourage by legal means the passing of legislation in the aid of the purposes above stated and rational enforcement of the same.
  • To promote and encourage better understanding among the members and the general public as to the proper use of boats, camps, camp furnishings, hunting and fishing equipment.
  • To promote, encourage and educate its members and the general public in the principles of safety in the use of firearms.
  • To promote, encourage and provide social and friendly interaction among its members and the general public.

  • Lewis County Chamber of Commerce Lowville, NY 13367 | Ph: (315) 376-2213 |